Employment Screening made simple.

We follow the KYC guidelines to guarantee efficiency and proper background verification processes.

More than 300 employers of all sizes have trusted Morrison Records Bureau for better background checks.


The objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent businesses from being used by criminal elements for money laundering. Related procedures also enable your businesses to better understand your customers and their financial dealings. Get ahead of the curve and meet KYC, AML and other related emerging requirements.

Detect False Identities

With the help of our machine learning and global database we can detect fake and tampered ID cards within a few clicks.

Protection from Scammers

Protect yourself and business from scammers by ensuring your clients and partners are who they say they are using our automated background verification system.

Validate Address & Personal Information

With our global database of addresses and verified users, we can match addresses with individuals within seconds to find address histories.

Match ID Photos with Selfies

Authenticate and reverify customers and users with our facial biometric technology by matching a person’s face to the identity document provided.

Our Services


Electronically request, review and submit ID Cards while verifiying the status through our automated verification portal.

Background Checks

Mitigate Fraud Losses, Credit Fraud and False Indentity related risks among your customers and business partners using our background verification process.

Employment Screening

We run a deliberate check on applicants to help determine the employability of any potential employee and their work history

Criminal Search History

We verify that your clients are who they claim to be to provide you an opportunity to check and confirm the validity their criminal records.


We empower decisions about life’s big financial moments – and the small ones too. From opening new accounts to validating deposits to making payments, our exclusive intelligence is used by over 50 financial institutions to take friction out of finance, and bring trust to transactions.


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of digital technology in all aspects of life, and financial services is no exception. Suddenly, financial institutions and their customers both have a new incentive to embrace digital banking services.


Open accounts faster, enhance bank apps, and protect against fraud and financial crime with platform solutions for identity verification and authentication. Onboard your clients and partners with confidence and high trust.

Anti-money laundering.


Banking History & Loans.


Prevent Fraudulent Transactions.


Detect Internet Fraud.


We are committed to deliberate verification procedures to ascertain the genuineness of any information that may be presented to anyone hiring. 


Our vision is to empower businesses and people services through automated identity verification systems and technology.  


We offer both complete and partial background checks with fees that are commensurate to the only required clients’ services.

"Morrison Records bureau have handled all our clients information and have supplied us rapid and secure background checks with care and ensure that all our clients have no criminal records."

-Njuma Consulting

In my 3 years of working with this company on researching my potential tenants, I've enjoyed a harmonious relationship with tenants all because I only gave my property to people with no previous history of rental discrepancies or stubbornness.

-Real Estate agent

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We are committed to running background checks, particularly on educational background, employment records, and criminal records. We also run checks on banking records, credit rating, rental history, and identification, and driving verification services.

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Immediately the contact us option on our website is used, our automated system acknowledges your contact and redirects your inquiries to our team members, who are always ready to serve our growing client list.

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We guarantee efficiency and proper verification processes to ensure your new hire is what they say they are and go above and beyond to discover.

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