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Make more informed decisions by Validating Clients Credentials.

Education verification check is used to validate a potential new hire or client’ educations, certification or training from the said Institution being reported on their resumes/curriculum vitae. Our quick and reliable findings guarantee you the peace of mind to hire the best candidate out of the thousands to help the growth of your company.

Knowing your candidates have the relevant training and qualifications upfront helps reduce organizational turnover. Employee retention is a peace of mind and saves your company a whole lot of money rather than basing your human resource development and retention on luck.

The need for a background check on an individual’s education is borne out of the recent trend of resumes and CV’s as part of the employment process. However, no matter the quality of the branded resumes and CVs, the company or employer is expected to ascertain the genuineness of the educational information presented in the individual’s resumes and Curriculum vitae.

Note that hiring candidates with the requisite training and certifications have an undeniable effect on the business productivity and financial returns.

We offer you a background check that helps you hire individuals with genuine qualifications.

Professional License Verification

Professional certifications and licenses help ensure that professionals across a range of fields hold the necessary qualifications to engage in highly specialized work. Licensing helps protect the public from individuals who might offer professional services without gaining the proper education and experience.

International Education Verification

With our Global Verification Network we can verify all sorts of credentials and assists business owners in establishing the validity of professional licenses and certifications. We can confirm any professional credentials and applicant lists – including certification and licensing for medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, engineers, certified public accountants, pilots and others.

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