Rental History

Rental History

Our services include a diligent background check on rental history, character references, and eviction history not exceeding the past 7 years. We are therefore committed to helping real estate managers, developers, agents, and landlords ascertain the real personalities they may be dealing with at any point in time.

We provide packages where your prospective tenant will be screened from criminal, employment, previous addresses checks and salary verifications to make sure they are capable of remitting Invoices and payments in future.

In developing countries, we have gone as far as setting an auto-payment arrangement between landlords, real estate agents and developers to see to It that their payments are directly debited from the tenant’s paycheck and credited to the accounts of such landlords respectively. This service Is limited to few countries and company that meets the eligibility for enrollment.

This we do by:

Playing the role of a mediator in case of hiccups in relationships between renters and owners or agents.
We sometimes arrange auto-payment arrangements between landlords. agents and renters.
We run a salary or income verification to ascertain the viability of a renter concerning the fulfillment of rent invoices.

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We guarantee efficiency and proper verification processes to ensure your new hire is what they say they are and go above and beyond to discover.

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