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 The excitement of acquiring properties such as land, house or offices usually lead to the overlooking of possible red flags. Stories of land litigation in relations to double purchases aren’t new.

Land ownership is characterized by indeterminate boundaries of land-owning groups mainly, stools, families, clans, individuals and so on which leads to conflicts.
Land Title Registration Law 1986 (PND CL.152)/ L I 1241 provides machinery registration which makes it the data searchable, when necessary, it is your right and responsibility to make use of this service before investing in your new-found property.

We collaborate with the right department to speed up the process and get accurate and verifiable information about the land/property history before committing to making payment. Just request copies of the permit or title from the vendor and we will handle the rest. As soon as we get the green to go you will be notified to proceed with your purchase with a sound mind.

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