Mortgage Acquisition Processing

Mortgage Acquisition Processing

We specialize in connecting real estate developers, landlords, and tenant and home buyers and liaison with financial institutions to provide loans to individuals and organizations to acquire properties while paying installments with a direct debit payment method as the only accepted payment mode. Property owners have the option to choose from our list of potential buyers or bring their own list for them to be screened and decide on whether to use our lenders and financial institutions or use your existing lenders.

Individuals and Businesses

Individuals and businesses are welcome to participate in our mortgage acquisition process, we verify your employment/income or business operations and income statements then pre-approve you for a certain amount of money to purchase a property of your choice. You also have the option of using your existing realtor or homeowner while we take you through the loan acquisition process to qualify you for the mortgage

How Do We Do This?

We liaison with the financial institutions and lenders to get you the money you need for the property, we also have the obligation to guarantee your repayment by setting a direct debit from either your paycheck or business account. If you are a trader and don’t have any of the above, don’t worry we have an option for you where you can be under our Umbrella account to make contributions towards your payment either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the option you choose based on your income. FYI terms and conditions apply to feel free to contact us for more information.

Real Estate Developers & Landlords

MRB is keen on affordable housing and comfort living for all. We are here to mitigate the problems of thousands of empty houses, apartments, and offices around the country that are unable to be occupied because the ordinary Ghanaian cannot afford or perhaps they are skeptical of approaching banks for a mortgage due to fear of debt and its consequences or not having the capital to acquire such properties.

What Can We Do for You as a Real estate Developer or Landlord?

To help resolve the problem of hustling for credible property buyers, let us ease the burden on you after investing so much into developing the property and still having to do your own investigation about buyers. Our approach and the end goal is to pre-approve potential buyers and gather their property requirements and preferences on your behalf. When you come to us, we give you a list of verified buyers with an estimated amount of pre-approved loans to make your decision on which applicant fits best or you can bring your own list for them to be screened and decide on using our lenders or keeping your existing ones.

How Do We Do This?

We have an agreement with financial institutions and lenders who have pre-approved potential home buyers and are ready to finance the mortgage upon completing the acquisition processes. Since we are a background verification organization, we do thorough checks on individuals and companies willing to purchase your properties and work with the financial institutions and lenders to grant the loans for the purchase while we set up a payment system for the buyer to be making payments to the financial institution on the terms agreed. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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We guarantee efficiency and proper verification processes to ensure your new hire is what they say they are and go above and beyond to discover.

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